Is it a superstar? Is it a comic book heroine that slays the evildoers? It could be all of those, however, here on Invisible womanLA, it is considered the best of a woman. We know who we are, and we know who the others are. We share a common bond that is understood by each of us and we don’t need outside comment’s. We are in the same pact regardless of race or social status. We compete in the workplace, dating scenes, and just being acknowledged. Perhaps some of us remember the words of Germaine Greer or Betty Friedan, maybe we don’t. Either way, it is our place to be seen, acknowledged, and enjoy our lives.

Walking along a street, any street in Hollywood, the Westside, or for those in the valley, Ventura Boulevard.  We are invisible. Needing to reinvent ourselves as an apology for aging. But why? Is it because we are not young anymore, we didn’t find the fountain of youth? Although time has been kind to most of us, it just isn’t enough. What’s a “girl” to do?

So, what do you do? Call a friend, flirt with someone new, take a girlfriend to a weekend in Sonoma? What works? What doesn’t work? It is here that we can be explore and discover ways to be seen in a city where youth is just not admired but worshiped. This is not a place for pity or heavy self reflection, but a place where all those that feel invisible can find the best place to refocus our invisibility and discover.




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